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Buzz Release Notes (2021-08-19; v3.0.245) - Completed info verification updates and improved Theme selection tool

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in versions v3.0.245  available on August 19, 2021.

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Email and phone verification updates complete!

As previous announced, we have been introducing measures to encourage Buzz users to verify their email addresses and phone numbers to improve security. We complete that process today, meaning that from now on:

  • If a message is sent from Buzz to an unverified account, the user will be given two weeks to verify their information before Buzz begins blocking messages. During this grace period, a banner will be visible directing users how to verify their information, and users will receive an automated message from Buzz prompting them to verify their information along with the first message they receive during this time.

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Improved Theme selection tool

We have improved the Choose theme screen to better preview the color themes users can choose from:

  1. The color in the circle is now the color that is used for the toolbar in this theme. 
  2. The color used for the theme name is now the color used for text in this theme. 
  3. We use a white background for the card to better show how the colors appear in the app.


In this release, we also:

  • Improved accessibility of keyboard navigation in Publish Anywhere by displaying a Skip navigation option at top.
  • Fixed some button-styling issues in the main toolbar. 
  • Fixed an issue where updating your password after it had expired resulted in an error message even though the update was successful.
  • Fixed an issue where images pasted into Grade Editor feedback or activity Submissions would appear as broken to the user receiving the content.


Updates in version 2021.08.18.6471.


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