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How do I manage how catalog entries appear in my Catalog?

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You Catalog in Dawn is basically your marketplace of content. It's where learners can go to browse and purchase courses and other catalog entries. You want to make sure you have it set up just the way you want it, and Dawn has various options to help you do that.  

Provide a Catalog background image

Dawn's branding tools allow you to select a Catalog background image to make your site yours.

Create Catalog categories

Administrators can create Catalog categories and sub-categories to help organize and present category entries with other entries of their kind. To create a Catalog category:

  1. Open the Administration tools > Site management > Catalog categories screen and click Add category.
  2. Provide the category Title, ID (Dawn automatically provides one based on the Title), Description, and Image.
  3. Save category.
  1. Once a top-level Catalog category is created, you can click the Action menu next to it to move it up and down (controlling the order it appears on the Catalog), or create a Sub-category.

When Catalog categories are created for a site, administrators and other authors can place catalog entries in them to control where they appear in the Catalog.

Publish and unpublish your catalog entry

The most basic control you should learn is how the Published switch works. This is found in the toolbar of your authoring tools. Toggle the Published switch to publish and unpublish your catalog entry; published entries are visible for enrollment in your Catalog, and unpublished entries aren't. There are also Published switches attached to specific Instructions and Interactions, so you can publish an entire entry, but keep specific components hidden.

Manage details with the Catalog card

To set up the details of a catalog entry, like pricing, branding, whether you want to allow self-enrollment, etc, use the Catalog card in the authoring tools.

Disable self-enrollment to preview a catalog entry

At times, you may want a catalog entry to appear in your Catalog before it is ready for learners. If you want to do that, simply uncheck the Enable self-enrollment box in the Catalog card; the details you provided on the Catalog card are visible, but learners can't enroll.

You can always change this when you are ready for enrollment to begin, and in the meantime, you may want to include an enrollment begins message or alternative instructions for how learners can be enrolled.


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