Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes

Dawn Release Notes (v2021.0414.194115) - Zapier integration, new Members screen, improved privacy, and more!

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to Dawn in version v2021.0414.194115 available on April 15, 2021.

Zapier integration: Easily connect Dawn with other apps!

Dawn is now integrated with Zapier! Zapier allows you to connect Dawn with your other apps (over 2,000 currently supported) to automate repetitive tasks without coding, so you can focus on other things.

How do I integrate Dawn with Zapier?

How Zapier works

Very simply, once you've integrated your apps, you can specify a Trigger in one app and tie it to a desired resulting Action in another app (or even in the same app). Once set up, Zapier automates the connection, so you don't have to!

Zapier example

If you want all of your new user signups in Dawn to be added to an email list in Mailchimp, you would set your Trigger to New user in Agilix Dawn and your Action to Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp. Zapier asks for all of the additional information it needs (which information to import from Dawn, which Mailchimp tags to attach to the user, etc.,), and, very like magic, the task is automated (Zapier calls these Zaps); you never have to manually add new Dawn users to Mailchimp, again!

Start using Dawn with Zapier today!

Be a part of our first Dawn-on-Zapier users!

  1. Create a Zapier account (options include a free trial and a free version of Zapier).
  2. Use this link to automatically add Dawn to your list of possible apps.
  3. Complete your integration and start creating Zaps!

New Members screen for learners

When learners have a group selected on the Groups screen, a Members tab now appears. When opened, learners can see who else is a part of their different Groups, giving them opportunities to connect with other members of their learning community.

New landing page video options

We've added Video type options that you can now use for your Landing page!

You can now to choose from the following Video type options:

  • No video
  • Default video that already appears and introduces Agilix Dawn.
  • YouTube video which asks for a YouTube link. If you choose this option, we recommend you make the video discoverable on YouTube to help lead people to your site.
    • Note: Keep in mind that YouTube videos use cookies that track data when users watch a video; Dawn has disabled cookies everywhere else in the platform.
  • Upload a custom video that you create to introduce your site (recommended).
Site management - Landing page

Other updates

In this release, we also:

  • Dramatically improved privacy by removing all third-party cookies and third-party tracking (the Dawn platform already uses no tracking cookies). This means that the only tracking cookies that can be used in Dawn are found when a user watches a YouTube video that is linked from Dawn.
  • Updated administrator rights to allow them to change existing groups to and from Time-based cohort groups.
  • Added UI to limit group size to 100.
  • Fixed an issue where administrators were sometimes able to add enrollments exceeding a group's size limit.
  • Fixed an issue where the current size displayed of a group was not being updated based on adding and removing enrollments until refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where a chosen transcript resource for a video instruction was not always being saved.
  • Fixed an issue where moving an expires date sometimes didn't stop newsletters from being sent.
  • Fixed an issue where enrollment emails would include an invalid link.

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