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Dawn Release Notes (v2021.0401.000916) - Create interactive video experiences with new Video overlays!

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to Dawn in version v2021.0401.000916 available on April 1, 2021.

Create interactive video experiences with new Video overlays!

Video overlays in Dawn are text and graphic elements that you can time to appear over the top of a video. You control when they appear, when they disappear, and whether the video continues to play or pauses for the Overlay.

Video overlays allow you to create engaging interactive video experiences and easily add instructional content to videos right in Dawn!

How do I create Video overlays in Dawn?

Each Overlay can have up to four Cards, and you can easily adjust each card's size, placement, text, and color right in Dawn.

Overlays can be images that you add to a video to call out details or strengthen the message.

You can make Overlay Cards clickable, too, letting learners click on answers to a question, images, and even invisible hotspots on elements in the video!

Clickable Cards can navigate learners to a new scene in a Video story, continue the video from where it is if paused, or take the learner to a different instruction in the catalog entry.

Video overlays are versatile!

You can use Video overlays for many things, including:

  • Branching pathways in Video stories or course content where learners can navigate by clicking images, text, or invisible hotspots overlaying elements in the video itself.
  • Text and graphic callouts to enhance existing video and strengthen message.
  • Notes you want the learners to read and click before continuing.

How do I create Video overlays in Dawn?


In this release, we also fixed an issue where changes to a Short response interaction were not saved if the only thing changed was the example response.


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