Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes

Dawn Release Notes (v2021.0304.180704) - Improved security

A round-up of all improvements and changes to Dawn in version v2021.0304.180704 available on March 4, 2021.

Security updates

This week, we've made security updates to Dawn!

Coming soon: Branching Video Stories let learners choose their own learning paths!

Video story interactions in Dawn will allow learners to choose their own pathways when viewing  and interacting with video content!

At key moments in Video stories, learners are given multiple choice questions and their answers determine what content they see next. This makes instructional videos more engaging, allowing learners to explore according to their own interests, knowledge, and needs!

Note: Branching Video stories are currently available as an alpha feature in Dawn. This means:

  • The feature is currently under development, and significant changes to workflows and functionality are expected.
  • All Video stories created in alpha will be lost once the feature is fully released. Feel free to play with the feature, but remember that none of that work will be retained.

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