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Buzz Release Notes (2021-03-04; v3.0.218) - Messaging updates & Improved A/V recorder usability!

Ryan Richins
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in versions v3.0.218 available on March 4, 2021.

Coming soon: Messaging updates in Buzz

On March 11, we are releasing additional tools for administrators to control whether Buzz can send messages to its users.

When disabled by your system administrators, the existing domain feature, Enable email, will no longer allow for users to receive messages sent by another user from Buzz. Previously, Buzz would not display the tools for these users to send messages but there were still ways for these users to receive messages. If email is disabled, these users will not be prompted to verify their email accounts.

A new domain feature, Enable notifications, will allow administrators to disable notifications for their users. When disabled for a domain by the system administrator:

  • Users will no longer be able to sign up for notifications.
  • Users that had previously signed up for notifications will no longer receive them.

Improved A/V recorder usability!

Users can now move the video and audio recording window in Buzz and review and scroll the content behind them.


In this release, we:

  • Fixed an issue where deleting multiple activities in the Editor > Activity list at once would delete the activities from the course, but would still display them in the Editor > Syllabus until refresh.
  • Resolved an issue in Course settings where the Order Scoring outcomes button would show when no scoring outcomes were defined.
  • Fixed an issue in Course settings where adding an LTI 1.3 tool allowed you to edit the Client ID field. The field is now not editable and shows the Buzz-assigned Client ID.
  • Fixed an issue where the Revoke permissions button was not working in Chinese [Traditional]. 
  • Fixed an issue in the rich-text editor's Insert link popup where clicking on some informational text would navigate away from the page.


Updates in version 2021.03.04.5653.

  • General system improvements.

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