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How can I edit Enrollment expiration dates?

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When creating enrollments, administrators have the option of including an Enrollment expiration date. Learners lose access to content past the expiration date; however, they keep access to all completion certificates they earn.

Update individual Enrollment expiration dates

Administrators can edit the Enrollment expiration date for individual enrollments in two places:

To edit the Enrollment expiration from one of these screens:

  1. Open the Actions menu and select Edit enrollment.
  1. Use the calendar tool under Enrollment expiration to change the date.

Batch edit Enrollment expiration date

To batch edit the Enrollment expiration date:

  1. Open the Catalog > Enrollments screen
  2. Check the boxes next to the enrollments you want to edit.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  1. Check the box next to the Enrollment expiration dropdown.
  2. Select the new Enrollment expiration date.
  3. Click Update enrollments.

Note: If the course was purchased as a subscription, you are unable to edit the expiration date unless you first cancel the subscription. You are given the option to cancel learner subscriptions from this screen; if you do, the learner is able to access the content until the end of the current subscription cycle, or until the new expiration date you select.


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