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Increased security for Buzz (2021-02-18)

Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member
  • Updated:

This announcement has been crossposted in Buzz – What's New.

Starting on February 18, 2021 (previously January 14), the Buzz LMS will no longer support being embedded within another website. Specifically, if your website loads Buzz in an iframe, your users will begin to see an “unable to connect” message. This change will improve the security of Buzz and prevent some malicious attempts to hijack a user’s account.

Does this change impact me?

This change will have no impact for the majority of our partners and users. Most users access Buzz directly and not from within an iframe. You can confirm this by looking at the browser address bar when accessing Buzz: If the URL is * or your custom URL for Buzz, then Buzz is not being loaded within an iframe and this change has no impact.

If you would like help verifying that this does not impact you, please reach out to Agilix Support, let us know how your users are accessing Buzz, and we can help you assess whether this change impacts you.

This change impacts me

As an alternative to loading Buzz in an iframe, we encourage you to link to Buzz so that it can be loaded in its own window.

If you know that this change does impact you and you are not able to make changes to not load Buzz in an iframe, please reach out to your account manager for us to explore alternative solutions.



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