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How do I review submissions (projects, questionnaires, etc.)?

  • Updated:

When creating catalog entries, authors have the option of requiring coaches to review submissions. This option is currently available for projects and questionnaires, and coaches can access submissions through:

Review project submissions

When Coaches (and peers) review a project, Review criteria are listed with checkboxes. A checked box means the criterion was met, and impacts the Total star review.

Select a project, and you can:

  1. Click on attached files to open and review them.
  2. Click Submit a review to complete the Review criteria, compose written feedback, and attach a file if needed. Once finished, click Submit review to deliver the feedback to the learner.

Review questionnaire submissions

To review questionnaire submissions:

  1. Access the questionnaire through the Coaching > Submissions to review screen or through drilling into learner data through the Coaching > Enrollments and Coaching > Learners screens (shown above).
  2. Click Submit a review.
  3. Provide Optional feedback (which is public by default; check the Post as private message to keep between you and the learner). Click Attach file and/or Attach link if relevant, and check the Send a copy via email or text if desired.
  4. Provide Coach notes (private) and click Attach file and/or Attach link if relevant.
  5. Mark as reviewed.

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