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How do I create and edit Sorting interactions in Dawn?

  • Updated:

Sorting interactions in Dawn can be created to allow learners to divide items by category and receive immediate correct/incorrect feedback (the item sticks or bounces back).

To create Sorting interactions:

  1. Select the desired Section in the catalog entry and click Add instruction.
  2. Select Interaction and choose Sorting.
  1. Give the interaction a Title.
  2. Provide Mastery award and Expected duration values.
    • Learners see how many they got right on first try at the end of the interaction and can reset and retry at that point. Sorting interactions are marked complete when a learner sorts the entire stack of items correctly on first try.
  3. Provide Instructions if they're needed.
  1. On the Sorting categories card, provide the Category title for each category.
  2. Provide the Item title for each item you want to be in each category.
  3. Use Add item and Add category buttons to flesh out the interaction.

All of the items you created are "stacked" for learners, and they can drag and drop them to any of the categories or click the category to place the top card on it. If they sort the item correctly, the item sticks and a checkmark appears; if they sort the item incorrectly, the item shakes and is returned to the stack.

When the learner has sorted all of the items, they are shown how many they sorted correctly on their first try. They can Reset the interaction to try again to get all of the cards sorted on the first attempt (which is required for the interaction to be marked complete).


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