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How do I create and edit Labelled graphic interactions in Dawn?

  • Updated:

Labelled graphic interactions in Dawn can be created to allow learners to explore visual content. They can be added as standalone activities, or connected to videos.

To create Labelled graphic interactions:

  1. Select the desired Section in the catalog entry and click Add instruction.
  2. Select Interaction and choose Labelled graphic.
  1. Give the interaction a Title.
  2. Provide Mastery award and Expected duration values.
    • Labelled graphic interactions are marked complete when a learner has clicked all of the markers.
  3. Provide Instructions if they're needed.
  1. Under Graphic, provide the image you want the learner to see. You will also need to provide Alternative text that describes the image for accessibility purposes.
    • Note: To add images, you must first upload the files using the Upload file button in the bottom, left corner.
  2. Select your Marker styles icon from the dropdown.
  3. Click Add marker to create the marker icon, and provide the information that appears when your learners click on it, including:
    • The marker Title.
    • Horizontal/Vertical positions (you can also drag and drop the marker to move where you want).
    • Attach popup Media (Image or Video) if you want.
    • The Text describing what's being marked.

Learners are shown the graphic and can click on any of the markers to see the details you've attached.


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