Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes

Dawn Release Notes (v2020.1022.170252) -- New learner landing page options

A round-up of all improvements and changes to Dawn in version v2020.1022.170252 available on October 22, 2020.

Authors can select from three learner landing options!

In the Authoring > Settings screen, authors can choose which screen they want to open for learners, including:

Improved mobile interactions for Flash card activities

In this release, we improved sizing and styling of Flash card activities for learners on mobile devices, including enabling swipe actions through them.

Other updates

In this release, we also:

  • Improved the way Choice Interactions that are answered incorrectly are handled to:
    • Make sure incorrect answers are not marked as complete.
    • Show Mastery award earned for each as part of report details.
    • Show the Questions for Choice and Questionnaire Interactions as part of report details.
  • Fixed an issue where Interactions would sometimes flash and disappear during a video instead of staying open. When this happened at the end of a video, it would sometimes start the video over at the beginning.
  • Made accessibility and performance updates.

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