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Buzz Release Notes (2020-09-24; v3.0.195) - Assessment improvements

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in versions v3.0.195 available on September 24, 2020.

Coming soon!

New "Congratulations!" prompts for continuous courses

Last week, we announced this feature release for this week; however, it has been postponed until next week's release (10/1).

Starting next week, students in continuous enrollment courses will start receiving congratulatory prompts when they complete all activities by the recommended deadlines.

This will help students recognize when they are caught up on a course, so they can assess their best next steps.


In this release, we have improved ability to view long answers for fill-in-the-blank questions by showing the complete answer on hover.


  • Resolved issues in Assessment templates that disabled Student notes for questions and Highlighting text outside of questions.
  • Resolved an issue in the Editor > Projects tab where the move up/down menus were enabled, but appeared disabled. 
  • Fixed an issue in the Assessment activity editor where assessments with hundreds of questions containing HTML links in the question bodies would sometimes cause the browser to crash or stop responding.


Updates in version 2020.09.23.4988.

  • General system improvements.

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