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How do I offer my coaching and content for a monthly subscription price?

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Dawn lets you offer your learners access to your content and coaching for a monthly subscription.

To do so:

  1. Add a catalog entry (e.g., course, coaching hub, etc) in Administration > Catalog.
  1. On the Catalog card, choose Monthly subscription from the Payment option dropdown.
  2. Provide the Subscription price and other pricing information.
  1. If you're creating a coaching subscription, be sure to add coaches with the Coaching screen and set up other preferences, including setting a maximum number of learner sessions/month for a subscriptions if you want them.

Always show coaching page on launch

If the catalog entry you're creating is primarily for coaching, you may want to check the Always show coaching page on launch box, so that learners automatically see coaching interactions and options when they visit the entry.

Canceling and editing subscriptions

Learners can cancel their own subscriptions from Account settings.

Administrators can delete or edit the subscription enrollment dates in two places:

  1. Open the Actions menu and select Edit enrollment.
  1. If the enrollment has an active subscription, you have the option to Cancel subscription. When subscriptions are canceled, learners have access to their content until the end of that subscription cycle. Canceling also gives you the option to edit that expiration date.

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