Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes

Dawn Release Notes (v2020.0812.203917) - Improved learner experience!

A round-up of all improvements and changes to Dawn in version v2020.0812.203917 available on August 13, 2020.

Improved learner experience!

Learners in Dawn have a new Home interface where they can easily find and access acces their enrollments, coaching engagements, events, tools, and more!

  1. Learners and coaches access their content and tools with the Home button.
  2. Administrators access their tools with the gear icon.

Other updates

In this release, we also:

  • Added an option on catalog entries to Always show coaching page on launch. Checking this option means your learners are automatically taken to their coaching screen when they log in. Otherwise, learners are taken to the last lesson or activity they visited.
  • Added an Enrollment expiration option that is added at the time of enrollment. Learners lose access to content past the expiration date; however, they keep access to all completion certificates they earn.

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