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How do I brand my Dawn learning site and Landing page?

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Use the Site management screen to easily write, choose, and upload branding elements that are used throughout your site. You can find examples of branding elements in the About area from your User menu and also on you Landing page (which is shown when people visit your URL without signing in).

This article walks through how to brand your site using the following cards:

Website card

Company card

Branding card

Landing page card

Contact information card

Website card

On the Website card:

  1. You can change your website's Title. Changes made here are reflected anywhere your site title is automatically shown (e.g., on your landing page, in message templates, in headers).
  2. You can change the URL that you chose when signing up by submitting a change request using the Address editor.
  3. Specify the Application languages that you want available for your users, and choose the Default language and Default phone number region.
  4. Track your traffic by adding your Google Analytics tracking ID (training from Google).
  5. In User account creation:
  6. You can Delete website.

Company card

On the Company card:

  1. Provide your Company name as you would like it to appear on your About page and your Landing page.
  2. Complete a company Description for your About page.
  3. Provide a User agreement and check the Require user to accept at first login box if desired (your site comes with a standard agreement, but we recommend you tailor it to your site's needs).
  4. Provide a Privacy policy and and check the Require user to accept at first login box if desired (your site includes a standard agreement, but we recommend you tailor it to your site's needs).
  5. Provide any text and any associated link you want in your Site footer.
  6. Provide  the address you want the Help button in the User menu to link to (by default, this points to the Agilix Help Center for Dawn).

Branding card

The Branding card allows you to control the look and feel of your site:

  1. Theme allows you to choose a color scheme that is applied throughout your site and Landing page. You can choose from the predefined themes, or choose Custom and select your own colors for your:
    1. Header color: Your header color appears at the top of every screen in your site. Your logo is displayed on this color, so make sure they coordinate. 
    2. Primary color: This color is used for first-level buttons, data, and notifications. Make sure text is readable in the color you choose. 
    3. Accent color: This color is used for secondary buttons, notifications, and titles. Make sure text is readable in the color you choose. 

When choosing theme colors:    

  • Keep it simple. If possible, stick to a two-color scheme, one for the Header and Primary colors and another for the Accent color. If you choose three colors, try to make one a neutral color.
  • Coordinate colors. In a two-color scheme, contrasting colors work well. 
  • Consider readability. Ensure that all of the buttons, icons and text in the preview are readable.
  1. Color scheme allows you to control light and dark mode options in your site; you can choose:
    • User preference, so your users can choose (by default, Dawn uses the device's settings, but users can change it in Account settings > Display settings).
    • Force light color scheme
    • Force dark color scheme
  1. Favicon allows you to upload image files to be used in internet browser tabs and bookmarks.
    • Required file type: PNG or JPG
    • Ideal size: 32x32
  1. Icon allows you to upload the icon that appears in headers and on smartphones and other devices when users install your app.
    • Required file type: PNG or JPG
    • Ideal size: 300x300
  1. Logo lets you upload your logo, which automatically appears in your main header, on your About page, and other places in your site.
    • Required file type: PNG or JPG
    • Ideal size: 640 x 200
  1. Banner lets you upload an image that appears on your About page.  
    • Required file type: PNG or JPG
    • Ideal size: 800 x 200
  1. Catalog background lets you add interest to your Catalog screen by adding a background image:
    • Required file type: PNG or JPG
    • Ideal size: 1200 x 675

Landing page card

On the Landing page card, you manage the page users reach when they visit your URL and are not signed in. It's the first page your users see when they follow your invite, so you want to make sure it represents your site and business well.

There are two ways to build your Landing page:

  1. Select Default template to use a page provided by Dawn and populated with content and assets you create and upload.
  2. Select Upload a custom HTML page to create your own custom Landing page. You can download an example page as a .zip file if you select this option. If you are not familiar with HTML, we recommend you use the Default template.

Default template

You are able to choose which elements of the Default template you want to show on your Landing page; uncheck the box next to any element to hide it, and Dawn automatically reformats your page.

To customize your template, provide the following:

  1. The Background image appears as the "hero image" at the top and in the background of your Landing page.
    • Required file type: PNG or JPG
    • Ideal size: 750x750
  1. The Header image appears above the website title and intro video in the scrollable content and can have transparency to allow the background image to show through.
    • Required file type: PNG or JPG
    • Ideal size: 1200x400
  1. The Video appears under your site title, and should introduce your business and content. The template allows you to choose your Video type from the following options:
    • Default video that already appears and introduces Agilix Dawn
    • YouTube video which asks for a link. If you choose this option, we recommend you make the video discoverable on YouTube to help lead people to your site. Note: Keep in mind that YouTube videos use cookies that track data when users watch a video; Dawn has disabled cookies everywhere else in the platform.
    • Upload a custom video that you create to introduce your site (recommended).
  1. The Introduction text appears below the video. This section should succinctly describe your site and encourage learners to sign up.
  1. The colors are defined by the theme you specify on the Branding card, and the remaining text describes the features in Dawn that make your learning experience impactful.

Contact information card

On the Website card, provide your Phone number, Email address, and mailing Address.

Use the Add contact button to include additional contact methods, like social media and other websites:

  • Display name is how the contact information is represented.
  • Display value is the account name, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Include a Link if you want learners to be able to click and navigate (or automatically open mail service).
  • Choose an Icon from our preloaded set (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).

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