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Buzz Release Notes (2020-05-14; v3.0.173) - Continued usability improvements in Domain settings

Ryan Richins
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in versions v3.0.173 available on May 14, 2020.

Continuity of Learning program

With the support of AWS, a growing coalition of publishing partners are offering online courses for free to schools closed due to COVID-19.⁣⁣

Schools can learn more and participate at www.agilix.com/freecontent. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

Interested publishers can contact us at www.agilix.com/contact-us. Please use #continuityoflearningcoalition as the subject. ⁣

Improved Domain settings usability

We have continued to improve Domain settings usability in several places by replacing open entry fields with checkboxes, dropdowns, pickers, and previews where possible on the following cards: 


  • Fixed an issue where a student's Blog post count did not update when a student added a post or when a grader deleted a student's post.
  • Fixed a styling issue in the Activity instructions rich-text editor. (It was covering the bottom of the Content card.)
  • Resolved an issue with printing an Assessment where only the first page would print.
  • Fixed a color-style issue with Users > Metadata checkboxes filter in the admin app.
  • Fixed an issue where the Self-assessment button's tooltip would sometimes not update when switching courses.
  • Fixed an issue where the Self-assign button was appearing for students in Past courses.


Updates in version 2020.05.14.4516.

  • General system improvements.
  • CopyItems and CopyResources: Fixed an issue where a resource could be copied without encoding the file name properly.

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