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Buzz Release Notes (2020-04-30; v3.0.171) - Two new Domain settings management tools!

Brad Marshall
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in versions v3.0.171 available on April 30, 2020.

Continuity of Learning program

With the support of AWS, a growing coalition of publishing partners are offering online courses for free to schools closed due to COVID-19.⁣⁣

Schools can learn more and participate at www.agilix.com/freecontent. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

Interested publishers can contact us at www.agilix.com/contact-us. Please use #continuityoflearningcoalition as the subject. ⁣

Two new tools to help track, manage, and compare Domain settings shared across domains!

Domain settings allows you to customize your domain to best suit your district or organization. One of the powerful features of Buzz's domain/subdomain architecture is the ability to configure settings that can be inherited or not by subdomains.

We have two new tools that enable Domain settings comparisons to help administrators manage these inheritance relationships:

  • Applied domain settings: This tool displays the current domain's full Domain settings in read-only XML format, including any settings inherited from "parent" domains and the source domain's ID. You can compare these settings with another domain's settings, and any differences are highlighted.
  • Domain setting usage: This tool allows you to select a specific setting defined in the current domain's Domain settings and run a search to see if that setting exists in the subdomains.


In this release, we:

  • Increased the upload limit for Importing SCORM, course, or Common Cartridge packages to 1.5 GB.
  • Added American Psychological Association (APA) to the available Learning standards.
  • Added a hint and validation to the Hostname field in the LTI credential editor in Domain settings.
  • Added Ukrainian to Buzz.


In this release, we:

  • Resolved an issue where activity instructions would sometimes incorrectly show when taking an assessment.
  • Resolved an issue where editing an activity from the Editor > Activities list tab and saving would sometimes return the user to the Editor > Syllabus tab instead of Activities list.
  • Fixed an issue in the rich text editor where editing activity links would briefly display an extraneous dialog box before displaying the activity-link editor dialog box. We also fixed a related issue where previewing a link would sometimes navigate Buzz to another page.


Updates in version 2020.04.29.4486.

  • Course and Domain Data: A new node, ltitools, for defining LTI 1.3 attributes.
  • Item Data: A new node, scodata, for defining data to be sent to a SCO activity.
  • GetDomainActivity: Fixed an issue that could have caused the time in the startdate or enddate query to not be accurate.
  • General system improvements.

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