How do I schedule coaching sessions?

  • Updated:

If enabled in your course, you can easily schedule a 1-on-1 session or reserve a seat in a 1-to-many session with expert coaches right in Dawn:

Schedule a 1-to-1 coaching session

  1. Click Ask a Coach, and select Schedule a session.
  1. Select the desired time slot from the schedule.
  1. Click Schedule now to confirm.
  1. An event automatically appears in your feed, you will receive an email, and the coach is also alerted.
  1. Click the event to review the details or cancel it. In this example, the coach has a Zoom URL automatically shared for the meeting.

Reserve a seat in a 1-to-many coaching session

If your course has 1-to-many coaching sessions available, they appear under upcoming events in your Feed and on you Learner dashboard. When you reserve a seat, you are sent an email with the session details.


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