How do I schedule coaching sessions?

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Coaching screens

If enabled in your course, you can easily schedule a 1-on-1 session or reserve a seat in a 1-to-many session with expert coaches right in Dawn:

Schedule a 1-to-1 coaching session

  1. Click the Ask a Coach button in the toolbar or the Coaching header in the Table of contents, and select Schedule a session.
  1. Select the desired time slot from the schedule.
  1. Click Schedule now to confirm.
  1. An event automatically appears in your Coaching > Events screen, you will receive an email, and the coach is also alerted.
  2. Click the event to review the details or cancel it. In this example, the coach has a Zoom URL automatically shared for the meeting.

Reserve a seat in a 1-to-many coaching session

If your course has 1-to-many coaching sessions available, they appear under upcoming events in Coaching > Events screen. When you reserve a seat, you are sent an email with the session details and you can review them in your Coaching > Events screen.


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