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How do I create Review criteria for projects?

Authors can create Review criteria to guide Project creation and promote quality, actionable feedback!

When creating a Project:

  1. Click Add criterion on the Review criteria card for each criterion.
  2. Give the criterion a Title and a Description. Review the guidelines outlined above to make sure you create criterion that reviewers can follow and will give learners useful feedback.
  3. Provide the Weight you want each criterion to have; Dawn automatically shows you the percentage of the overall review that the entered weight will carry.

Learners use criteria when submitting projects

Learners are shown the Review criteria when they are completing the project, so they can be successful.

Coaches and peers use Review criteria to give feedback

When Coaches and peers review a project, the Review criteria are listed with checkboxes. A checked box means the criterion was met, and impacts the Total star review. Reviewers are also able to provide Constructive comments.


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