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How do I delete learners and enrollments?

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In Dawn, a Learner is any user who has joined your website to take courses whether they've enrolled in a course or not. As an administrator, you can:

  • Delete learners to remove their access to your site. When you delete a learner, all of their enrollments are also deleted.
  • Delete enrollments to remove a learner's connection to a course and all of the associated data. When you delete an enrollment, the learner remains in your site.

Delete learners

To delete a learner:

  1. Sign in as an administrator.
  2. Select the Learners screen.
  3. Click the Garbage can [Delete] icon next to the learner you want to delete.

Delete enrollments

To delete enrollments:

  1. Sign in as an administrator.
  2. Select the Courses screen.
  3. Select the course with the enrollment you want to delete.
  1. Open the More menu next to the enrollment and select Delete enrollment. You are asked to confirm because deleting enrollment data cannot be undone.

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