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How do I set up and use Purchase Orders in Dawn?

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You can set up your site so that individual learners can purchase courses, or you purchase enrollments for a full Organization using a purchase order, and let learners enroll for courses paid for by the organization.

What payment model does your site use?

Organizational purchase orders

Purchase orders contracts are prepared outside of the system, and then Site administrators create them.

Organization Administrators can use purchase orders to create enrollments for their organization's members and track the progress of those enrollments. On the Organization > Purchase orders screen, District/organization administrators can view purchase orders to see what funds are available and authorize enrollment purchases.

Create purchase orders

To set up a purchase order:

  1. Select the Organizations screen and open the organization you want.
  2. Click the Purchase orders tab.
  3. Click the Add purchase order button.
  1. Name the purchase order.
  2. Choose the Credit type:
    • Choose Funds to specify a maximum dollar amount for the purchase order. You will have to provide the Authorized amount to add the purchase order.
    • Choose Enrollments to specify a maximum number of enrollments to be covered by the purchase order. You will have to specify the course (this cannot be a free course) and provide the number of Authorized enrollments to add the purchase order. You are able to set an Enrollment expiration (in days) and use a Coupon code.
      • NOTE: If you choose Enrollments and then change the price of the chosen course, you must return and save the purchase order again to update it.
  3. If you want to Allow customer to exceed the authorized amount, check the box.
  4. Check the Active box to enable the order.
  5. Click Add purchase order.

Use purchase orders to enroll multiple users as part of an organization

Organization admins can enroll multiple users in courses at once as part of their organization:

  1. Select the Organizations screen and open the organization you want.
  2. Click the Enrollments tab.
  3. Click the Enroll users button.
  1. Choose a course.
  2. Enter learner email addresses or mobile phone numbers. Each entry should be on its own line. Enter phone numbers as just numbers (without spaces, parentheses, or dashes).
  3. Wait for Dawn Academy to Verify the information. You get one of three responses for each learner:
    • Invite and enroll means that the user is not in the system associated with that email or phone number, so Dawn Academy will send them an invite.
    • Enroll means that the user is already in the system, but not enrolled in the selected class, so they are enrolled.
    • No action (already enrolled) means the user is already in the system and enrolled in the selected class.
  4. If you want the learners to be part of a group, check the Create a group box and provide a Group name and Group description. If you don't want a group, uncheck the box.
    • Including learners in groups allows them to message their group members and filter their conversations by group.
  1. Choose payment method, select the Purchase order to debit (if applicable), and click Pay now.

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