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How do I use Dawn offline?

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You can easily download Dawn course content, so you can learn and get certified wherever you are!

Dawn lets you download:

  • Videos that are hosted in Dawn (this does not include YouTube videos).
  • Discussion questions and other interactions (this does not include TinCan/xAPI packages).
  • Supplemental course materials that are hosted in Dawn (this does not include material linked from elsewhere on the internet).

You cannot use the following Dawn features offline:

  • Real-time chat with peers or coaches (messages created while offline are sent once the device has service again).
  • Content that is not hosted in Dawn (YouTube videos, Articulate files, internet links, etc).

Configure Dawn on your mobile device

Download content to your device

Sign into Dawn and select the desired course. Anywhere you see a download icon, simply click it to store that content to your device.

  1. Click the icon next to lessons or materials to download individual parts.
  2. Click the icon next to the course title to download the entire course.

Once stored, the download icon shows a checkmark, meaning you can access this content on your device wherever you are, with or without service. To remove content from your device, click the icon again, and the checkmark reverts to the original download icon.

Dawn automatically syncs when you have service, so the progress you make offline is recorded.


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