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Buzz Release Notes (2020-02-06; v3.0.159)

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member
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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version v3.0.159 available on February 6, 2020.






We've made some updates to the icons used on the Student Grades screen (seen by students and teachers) to indicate the following:

Activities that are not included in final grade calculations have an X icon next to them. This is a new indicator.

Activities with scores that have been dropped as part of the lowest scores have a down arrow icon next to them and are struck out. Previously, these activities were struck out and had an X.


Extra credit activities have a star icon next to them.

Activities that require a passing grade in order for the student to pass the course have up and down thumb icons next to them before the activity is completed. When the student completes the activity, a green thumbs-up icon appears if the student passed, and a red thumbs-down icon appears if the student has not.

We also:

  • Improved the Survey Activity Editor by ensuring that they have a launch URL provided. [Teachers]
  • Improved performance of the Import Scores column format detection when all cells in the column contain 0.  [Teachers, Admin]
  • Updated Domain Settings to report an error when you attempt to save invalid XML (for example, using smart quotation marks) when edited. [Admin]
  • Improved Activity Editor > POST parameter details popup by validating that the parameter has a name. [Teachers]


In this release, we:

  • Fixed an issue in the question editor where the formatting toolbar would sometimes not appear when clicking in a question that had HTML formatting.
  • Fixed an issue in the Add Project wizard popup where group-settings controls were visible when the Groups feature was disabled. [Teachers]
  • Fixed an issue in Import Scores wizard where activities with no title would interfere with the Map columns step. [Teachers, Admin]
  • Fixed an issue in the Import screens (Scores, Users, Courses, etc.) where an imported CSV file appeared on only 1 line, and you could not add additional lines by pressing the Enter key. [Teachers, Admin]
  • [Edge and Safari browsers] Fixed an issue where text wrapping wouldn't work for titles in the Clipboard/Badges screen. [Teachers]
  • Fixed an issue in Domain Settings where you could enter an invalid number for the Editor > Require rights field. [Teachers]
  • Fixed an issue in the Activity history page where changes made to an activity linked from another course did appear with the other course's title. [Teachers]
  • Fixed an issue in Editor > Weights where column order would sometimes change when switching periods in the toolbar. [Teachers]
  • Added Title and Due date headers to the left panel in the Editor > Scheduling > Syllabus view. [Teachers]
  • Fixed a keyboarding issue in the Editor > Syllabus screen where focus was lost when using the Expand/Collapse button on the Objectives panel. [Teachers]
  • Fixed an issue in the rich-text editor's Insert Image dialog where .jfif files were not being displayed when browsing for images. [Teachers]


Updates in version 2020.02.05.4237.

  • General system improvements.

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