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How do Mastery award and Effort (Time spent) values work?

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Dawn emphasizes mastery-based learning!

Mastery awards

When building a course, authors can create Mastery awards and link them to the completion of key interactions and instructional items by the learner. Authors set a Mastery award value on all instruction types and interactions, and the percentage of Mastery progress a learner sees upon earning a Mastery award is determined by the value of each as compared to the value of others in the course.  


The default value for new content is 0, meaning the content is not required for mastery or certification.

Effort (Time spent)

Effort is measured as Time spent. Authors can specify the expected amount of time that non-video instruction types should take a learner. Expected time spent on video instructions are automatically calculated based on video runtime.  

Course completion Mastery

In the Mastery section of the course editor, you need to specify the percentage of Mastery award points learners need to earn for course completion.

Course completion progress is shown to learners as a percentage with 100% indicating full completion. If you choose 85% as the required number of Mastery award points need to complete the course, learners will see 100% course completion once they've earned 85% of the possible Mastery award.

Tracking and reporting

Mastery and Effort (Time spent) are tracked and displayed to learners and coaches to reward and reinforce learning. Administrators and authors are given individual or aggregated mastery and effort reports, so they can analyze results and make changes where necessary. 

How is Time spent tracked in Dawn?

  • For videos and YouTube: Dawn tracks the time that the video is actually playing. If the learner pauses, or an interaction pops up, the video time tracking pauses.
  • For projects: Learners self report the time they spend on a project.
  • For other interactions (discussion, note and choice): Dawn tracks the time spent looking at an interaction with a maximum cap of 15 minutes per interaction.

For Administrators

Administrators are given individual or aggregated Mastery and Effort (Time spent) reports on Course, Learner, and Enrollment overviews. 

For Authors

Authors are given aggregated and individual Mastery and Effort (Time spent) reports Course and Enrollments overviews.  

For Learners

Learners can see their Mastery progress and Time spent data on their dashboard and in the course's table of contents.

Learners are required to report the amount of time spent on projects to help assess Effort (Time spent) data.

For Coaches

Coaches have access to Mastery and Effort (Time spent) data in reports for Course, Learner, and Enrollment overviews.


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