Agilix Learning Suite Release Notes

Dawn Release Notes (v2020.0123.184755)

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to Dawn in version v2020.0123.184755 available on January 23, 2020.

Dawn now better emphasizes mastery-based learning!

With this release we have made several pivotal changes to better emphasize mastery-based learning as a core part of the user experience! 

This includes enabling authors to:

  • Create Mastery awards that learners obtain on completing key interactions and instructional items in a course.
  • Provide guidelines around how much Effort (as Time spent) is anticipated for a learner to obtain mastery. 

Mastery and Effort (Time spent) are tracked and displayed to learners and coaches to reward and reinforce learning. Administrators are given individual or aggregated mastery and effort reports, so they can analyze results and make changes where necessary. 

You can see the impact of these updates in the following screens:


To keep up-to-date on Dawn's mastery-based features, follow: How do Mastery award and Effort (Time spent) values work?

For Authors

Authors can set a Mastery award value on all instruction types and interactions. The percentage of Mastery progress a learner sees upon earning a Mastery award is determined by the value of each as compared to the value of others in the course.  


The default value for new content is 0, meaning the content is not required for mastery or certification.

Effort is measured as Time spent. Authors can specify the expected amount of time that non-video instruction types should take a learner. Expected time spent on video instructions are automatically calculated based on video runtime.  

For Learners

Learners are required to report the amount of time spent on projects to help assess Effort (Time spent) data.

For Coaches

Coaches have access to Mastery and Effort (Time spent) data in report views (Course, Learner, and Enrollment overviews), so they can track learner progress and offer help where necessary.

For Administrators

Administrators are given individual or aggregated Mastery and Effort (Time spent) reports (Course, Learner, and Enrollment overviews), so they can analyze results and make changes where necessary. 

Coaches can participate in group conversations!

We gave Coaches the ability to access and participate in all group conversations happening in their courses!

To do so, Coaches

  1. Open the Feeds screen (formerly Activity) in Coach view.
  2. Select the desired Group.
  3. Review threads and respond.


In this release, we:

  • Provided publishers the options to delete or replace payment information. 
  • Updated the Course Catalog to show images included in Course Descriptions whether or not the viewer is enrolled in the course. 
  • Fixed an issue where no default certificate was appearing for courses that were authored with certificates turned off, and then had them enabled.  
  • Fixed an issue where the unpublished icon would not appear in Course Editor on long section titles or long instruction titles. 
  • Fixed an issue where long titles would overlap content in the player.
  • Updated the Add to group dialog to display the group selected by default in the Existing group field.

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