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Types of Administrators in Dawn

There are two types of administrators in Dawn:

  1. Root/Site Administrators have access to and control over every aspect of a Dawn Learning Site.  These permissions are automatically given to the user who created the site. In Site Management, Root/Site Administrators can brand the site and make changes to the account. Only Root/Site Administrators can create the purchase orders for organizational use once contracts are signed outside of the Dawn system. Learn more: Create your Dawn Learning Site (Root/Site Admin Guide)
  2. Organization Administrators can:

Use Dawn's administration tools

Open the administration tools by clicking the gear icon in the toolbar.

Dawn's administration tools provide a lot of useful data about your website. Depending on what administrator permissions you have, you can see up to nine screens:

Site management (Root/Site Administrators only)

Dawn enables you to build a branded experience for your learners (only Root/Site admins have access to this tab).

With the Site management tab, you can edit your website's basic information, including:

Catalog screen

This screen lists all the catalog entries in your site and summarizes the follow for each:

  • How many subscriptions have been Purchased.
  • How many learners have been Certified.
  • How many learners remain Uncertified.
  • How many learners are Inactive (by default, a learner is set to Inactive after two weeks without progress).
  • The Average mastery.
  • The Average time spent.
  • The Average percentage watched.
  • The Average Video Watched (determined by Minutes of video watched / Number of enrolled students).
  • The Max Streak, meaning the number of consecutive days any learner has been active.
  • The Average Streak.

Catalog > Enrollments screen

You can click on any catalog entry to access its Enrollments screen and see their:

  • Percentage earned toward Certification.
  • Points achieved.
  • Hours of Video watched.
  • Last activity date.
  • Longest streak in days.
  • Length of each learner's Last streak in days.
  • Access to each learner's feed which shows their Actions (conversations, submissions, etc.).

On this screen, you can:

  1. Search and filter by Group and/or show only Learners needing interventions and Active enrollments.
  2. Batch edit Enrollment expiration date and enrollment's Status by checking the boxes next to the enrollments you want to edit, and clicking the pencil icon.
  3. Batch delete enrollments by checking the boxes next to the enrollments you want to edit, and clicking the garbage can icon.
  4. Create and manage groups:
    • When Everyone is chosen in the Group dropdown, you can check the boxes next to learners you want to add to groups.
    • When a group is chosen in the Group dropdown, you can click this button to search for and add other learners to the selected group.
  5. Schedule group sessions.
  6. Review summaries of questionnaire results from all respondents.
  7. View the catalog entry's Feed.
  8. Send email in bulk to all shown learners.
  9. Add enrollments in bulk.
  10. Use the action menu to resend invitation, delete enrollments, or edit enrollments, including:
  11. Click an enrollment to see detailed progress.
  12. Edit which additional columns (based on custom user attributes) you want to show (only shown columns are included in downloaded reports).

Catalog > Enrollments > Enrollment details screen

When you click on an enrollment on the Enrollments screen, you see the following Enrollment details:

  1. Progress tab: This shows the learner's progress on this enrollment, including how many Master awards they've earned and their Time spent (Effort) compared to the expected amount of time. Click download to save the report as a spreadsheet.  
  2. Coach feed tab: This shows all learner interactions with coaches for this enrollment.
  3. Live events tab: This shows all past and future Live events for this enrollment. Administrators can also schedule 1-on-1 coaching sessions for the enrollment here.

Learners screen

The Learners screen lists everyone that has been invited to join your website, whether they are enrolled or not.

From this screen, you can:

  1. Invite others join your site.
  2. Access each learner's feed, which shows their Actions (conversations, submissions, etc.).
  3. Use the action menu to:
  4. Review each learners progress and statistics, including:
    • Status (Invited, Activated, Inactive).
    • Number of catalog Enrollments.
    • Average mastery.
    • Last studied date.
    • Number of Conversations participated in.
    • Time spent.
    • Hours of Video watched.
    • Number of Projects submitted.
    • Number of coaching Sessions and Session time spent.
    • Average streak in days.
  5. Click a learner to see statistics broken down by enrollment.

Learners > Enrollments, Coach feed, and Live events screens

Clicking on a learner opens their Enrollments screen, where you can:

  1. Review the learner's Profile.
  2. See more details about their learning progress in their enrollments.
  3. Click the Add enrollment button to enroll them elsewhere.
  4. Use the action menu to delete enrollments or edit enrollments, including:
  1. The learner's Coach feed, including coach interactions and feedback. You can post to the feed if you have coaching permissions.
  1. The learner's Live events, both past and upcoming. Administrators can also schedule 1-on-1 coaching sessions for the learner here.

Administrators screen

On the Administrators screen, you can:

  1. Add administrators to your site.
  2. Use the Actions menu to
    • View the administrator's feed.
    • Remove the administrator.

Authors screen

On the Authors screen, you can:

  1. Add authors to your site.
  2. Use the Actions menu to:

Coaches screen

On the Coaches screen, you can:

  1. Add coaches to your site.
  2. Use the Actions menu to:
    • View the coach's feed.
    • Make changes to the catalog entry the author is assigned to.
    • Edit the coach's availability for face-to-face coaching sessions.
    • Remove the coach.

Organizations screen

The Organizations screen is set up for entities, like school districts or businesses, that want to purchase enrollments in bulk for their members.

Organization Administrators can use purchase orders to create enrollments for their members and track the progress of those enrollments. Site administrators create the purchase orders for organization use when contracts are signed outside of the Dawn system.

How do I create and manage organizations in Dawn?

How do I set up and use Purchase Orders in Dawn?

Single-Organization administrator experience

If an Organization administrator is attached to only one Organization in the site, Dawn automatically shows them a streamlined UI that includes only the things they need:

  1. Learners in the Organization
  2. Enrollments in the Organization
  3. Purchase orders if they exist for the Organization
  4. Administrators in the Organization

Reports screen

The Reports screen gives  Root/Site admins access to Payments data and an Event log.


The Reports > Payments screen allows admins to review all transactions made on their site:

  1. The transactions are fixed in reverse chronological order.
  2. Admins can use the Date filter to limit results to specific date ranges.
  3. For each transaction, admins see the Amount, number of Purchases, any Refunds (in amount), and the Description of the catalog entry purchased. Click the transaction to see more details.
  4. Charge failures are indicated with an asterisk.
  5. A Download report button appears in the bottom-left corner for date ranges of fewer than 365 days.

Admins can click on a transaction to see greater detail about it.

Clicking on transactions with Charge failures displays the reason for the failure.

Event log

The Reports > Event log allows admins to review significant events in their catalog entries:

  1. The events are fixed in reverse chronological order.
  2. Admins can filter by:
    • Date to limit results to specific date ranges.
    • Learner to limit results to a specific learner.
    • Events to limit to specific events, including All events, New user, New enrollment, New certification, Project submission, Project submission for coach review, Instruction submission for coach review, or Coach question. These are the same events available for Notification emails.
    • Catalog entry.
  3. For each event, admins see the Date, learner Avatar and Name, Event type, Catalog entry, and any related Instruction. Click an event to see more details.
Publishers screen [Disabled in most sites]

Publisher features are not standard for Dawn sites, and are only enabled on a custom basis.

Publishers are any entity that wants to create content under one name.

They can create content, manage who can author or coach, and have their own branded publisher page in the catalog. Publisher Administrators manage the Stripe payment mechanism for their enrollments.

The Publishers screen lists the Avatar, Company name, and Email of each publisher with authoring permissions on your site. By adding additional publishers to your website, you can offer a broader selection.

Publisher Administrators can:

  • View catalog entries with enrolled learners.
  • View learner information and invite new learners to join.
  • View publishers that they are administrators in.
  • View and add other administrators to the publisher.
  • View and add authors (including themselves) to the publisher.
  • View and add coaches (including themselves) to the publisher.

On this screen, you can:

  1. Add publishers.
  2. Edit publisher information and brand.
  3. Edit payment information.
  4. Delete publisher.

Select a publisher to:

  1. Make existing users Administrators, Authors, or Coaches for that publisher. Simply click the Add [plus sign] icon and search for the user you want to give the role to.
  2. Remove Administrators, Authors, and Coaches from the publisher.
  3. Review user feeds for Administrators, Authors, and Coaches.

Add publisher

To create a new publisher, provide the publisher's:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Avatar (use dimensions 300x300)
  • Logo (use dimensions 640x200)
  • Banner (use dimensions 848x300)
  • Description (click the help button for formatting instructions, and enable Preview with the toggle).
  • Catalog page short link (add a single word to the provided URL to create a custom URL for this Publisher catalog).

Click Add publisher.

Edit publisher

The Edit screen allows you to make changes to the elements added when you created the publisher.

Edit payment information

Use the Edit payment information screen to Connect with Stripe payment or make changes that sync.


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