Coach with Dawn

Coaching tools

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Access Coaching tools from Home; for users with coaching permissions a Coaching screen appears at the far left.

Coaches are assigned to courses, so learners can get personalized guidance and feedback on projects and other work.

The Coach view has five screens:

Coach Dashboard

The Coach Dashboard is your go-to overview of all of the published courses you coach for. It provides a summary of:

  1. Submissions to review: Clicking this link opens the Submissions to review screen.
  2. Unanswered questions: Clicking this link opens the Activity screen.
  3. Learners needing intervention: Clicking this link opens the Courses screen.

Submissions to review

The Submissions to review screen lists unreviewed projects, questionnaires, and other submissions from courses you coach for. Here you can quickly see who submitted a project, which course it's from, when it was submitted, and whether it has been reviewed, yet. You can also click the the submission to review it.


The Feeds screen lists the courses and feeds you are following, including questions students have asked and group conversations. You can answer their questions and add new posts directly from here. You can also delete comments from discussions within courses you're assigned to.


The Enrollments screen lets you select any of the courses you're coaching for, and show how the learners are progressing.

  1. You can search enrollments, and, if the course has groups, you can filter the results by group.
  2. Check the Filter to learners needing intervention box to show learners whose performance indicates that they might need help.
  3. Check boxes next to learners and click the Add selected users to a group button to create a group.
  4. Click the Scheduled group sessions button to review existing sessions and to Add group sessions.
  5. Click the plus sign to Add enrollments.
  6. Click the more menu next to an enrollment to delete or edit.
  7. Progress is summarized as:
    • Percentage earned toward Mastery.
    • Mastery awards earned.
    • Time spent (Effort).
    • Hours of Video watched.
    • Last studied date.
    • Longest streak in days.
    • Length of each learner's Last streak in days.
  8. You can download reports as spreadsheets.


The Learners screen lists all users you have the rights to view and shows their learning statistics, including:

  • Number of Courses enrolled in.
  • Percentage earned toward Mastery.
  • Last studied date.
  • Number of Conversations participated in.
  • Time spent (Effort).
  • Hours of Video watched.
  • Average streak in days.
  • Number of Projects submitted.

You can click on a user to see more details about their learning progress for each course they're enrolled in.

Click a course to see which course interactions the learner has completed in that course, including how many Master awards they've earned and their Time spent (Effort) compared to the expected amount of time. Click download to save the report as a spreadsheet.


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