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Author view

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Courses screen

The Courses screen lists:

  • All courses Titles on the site.
  • Course Publisher.
  • Course Author.
  • Last Modified date.

On this screen, you can:

  1. Add new courses.
  2. Edit existing courses.
  3. View as learner to test the learner experience.
  4. Archive courses (download them as a zip file).
  5. Delete courses.

Reports screen

The Reports screen aggregates the following data for each course:

  • Course type.
  • How many learners have purchased the course.
  • How many leaners have Certified/Uncertified.
  • How many Inactive learners there are.
  • Average Mastery percentage earned.
  • Average Time spent (Effort).
  • Average percentage watched.
  • Max streak in days.
  • Average streak in days.

Enrollments screen

Select a course to open the Enrollments screen which displays data for each learner in the course:

  • Status.
  • Mastery percentage progress.
  • Mastery awards earned.
  • Last studied date.  
  • Time spent (Effort).
  • Hours of Video watched.
  • Last studied date.
  • Longest streak in days.
  • Length of each learner's Last streak in days.

Authors can create and manage groups on this screen.


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