Build and manage your Dawn site

Create your Dawn coaching site (Root/Site Admin Guide)

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When you sign up for your Dawn coaching site, you are automatically made the Root or Site Administrator. This means:

1. Brand your Dawn site

First, you'll want to make sure your site looks professional. Dawn enables you to easily build a branded experience for your learners (only Root admins have access to this tab).

To brand your site, make sure you're in the Administrator view and complete the fields on the Site management screen.

3. Add Authors and Coaches and Administrators

As you grow your site, you will need additional administrators, authors, and coaches. This includes adding yourself

4. Set up purchase payout options

Courses can be paid for in two ways:

  • Individual payer: By default, Dawn is designed to allow learners to purchase courses from the course catalog. To do so, you connect your site to a Stripe account.  
  • District/Organizational purchase orders: You can enroll students in bulk and pay for enrollments with a purchase order if you set up an Organization (covered in Set up Organizations).

5. Invite individual learners to join and set up their mobile experience

Admins can invite people to join their site with the Learners screen. Anyone who needs access to your site (Administrators, Authors, Coachers, or Learners) needs to be invited.

How do I invite people to join my site?

In order for your learners to take full advantage of Dawn's mobile learning experience, they need to set Dawn up on their devices as a Progressive Web Application (PWA). PWAs provide all the benefits of a native app without the hassle of an app store.

How do I set up my Dawn site as an "app" on mobile devices?

6. Set up Organizations

Organizations are entities, like school districts or businesses, that want to purchase course enrollments in bulk for their members, so the members don't have to pay for them individually.

Organization Administrators can use purchase orders to create enrollments for their members and track the progress of those enrollments. Site administrators create the purchase orders for organization use when contracts are signed outside of the Dawn system.

How do I set up organizational purchase orders?

On this screen, you can:

  1. Add organizations, providing:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Avatar (300x300)
    • Description
  2. Edit organization information.
  3. Delete organizations.
  4. Click an organization to review and edit Administrators, Enrollments, and Purchase orders.

Organizations > Administrators screen

On the Organizations > Administrators screen, you can:

  1. Make existing Dawn users Organization Administrators. If you can't find the user, invite them to your site.  
  2. Review user feeds.
  3. Remove Administrators from the Organization.

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