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How can I use Articulate content in my course?

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In July 2020, the Author view was made part of the Administrator view, and no longer appears as a standalone view option. Admins with authoring permissions now select the Administrator view > Courses screen. From here they can build and edit courses and review learner reports.

Using Tin Can/xAPI, which enables the collection of learning experience data from various tools, you can import Articulate content and activities that can be tracked within your course.

To do so, first you must deactivate table of contents in the Articulate content, so learners will see only the Dawn navigation. Then export the Articulate package, and follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Administrator view.
  1. Open the side menu and select Edit for the course you want to translate.  
  1. Select the section in the side panel that you want to add the content to.
  2. Click Add instruction and choose TinCan/xAPI package.  
  1. Give the content the Title that you want to appear in the Table of contents.
  2. Specify the number of Points you want to assign the content.
  3. Click Upload a new package, browse to, and select the Articulate package you exported as a .zip file.


Articulate content does not currently support the Edge browser. Learn more.


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