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How do I translate my course/catalog entry?

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By default, your course/catalog entry (both the interface and the content) is set up to be easily localized.

Change the interface language

Click the globe (language) icon in the toolbar and select the desired language. This translates the interface content for all views. If you do not see the icon, translation has not been enabled on your site. 

Create and publish translated versions of your course

Any course in Dawn can be easily made into a Template that you can use to duplicate it. For translation, you can create your content in the original language and make that course a template, so you can then build your translations from it:

  1. Create a course template to base your translations on.
  2. Create a course for each language using the template.
  3. Translate content.

1. Create a course template

To make a Template, create and build your course as you would any other. Then, in the course's Settings screen, check the This is a template box and Save. It might be helpful to include a note in the Title to indicate that this course is a Template. This course is now added to you Template library.

2. Create a course for each language using the template

Now create a new course for the first language you want to translate to. In the Add to catalog window, select the new template from the Template dropdown. Give the course a Title and create. All of the content from your Template is in the new course and you're ready to translate.

3. Translate content

For each language, translate:

Translate video transcripts

Open the course editor.

  1. Select an uploaded video in the table of contents (not a YouTube and Vimeo video).
  2. Scroll to the Video card.
  3. Open the More menu under the Transcript and select Translate transcript.

Note: If you don't see a transcript, you may need to create the transcript. Do this in your Template and recreate your translation course.

  1. Select the desired language and Translate.

The transcript for this video is automatically translated. Repeat for all videos.

You can also provide transcripts in multiple languages in any course in this way, allowing your users to select the language they want to see it in.

Translate course interactions and content

You must manually translated all remaining course content, including section titles, interactions, and directions using the course editor.


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