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How do I take a course?

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When you enter a Dawn course, you see high-quality video and a video transcript that highlights the relevant text as the course plays. The best way to familiarize yourself with the Dawn Learning Experience is to jump in and take a course, but here's a quick rundown of your menus and tools:

  1. The Table of Contents is collapsed by default; it is opened in this screenshot. You can open the TOC at any time to review your progress, jump to another place in the course, and review course materials.
  2. Your course player and transcript adjust in size and placement to best suit the device you are using.
  3. For courses with coach support, the Ask a coach icon appears in the toolbar. Click it to ask the coach for help.
  4. Your Feed is available from everywhere in the app. Collaboration, social engagement, and group knowledge building is a key component of the Dawn Learning Experience.

The video instruction pauses to let you answer questions and interact with other learners. After you answer questions, click Continue to move forward.

Dawn gives you a quick tour the first time you use it, and you can always revisit that tour by enabling it in your User Menu.

Review your progress

You can open the TOC at any time to review your progress.

  1. Hourglass means a section is partially-completed.
  2. Circle means a section has not been started.
  3. Check means a section is completed.
  4. Graph arrow indicates what number of points have been earned.
  5. Clock indicates the amount of video watched.
  6. Conversation bubbles show the number of interactions completed.

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