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Dawn overview (Admin and Coach views)

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Dawn enables you to publish high-quality learning content into a market catalog where learners can find it, buy it, and complete it.  

In July 2020, the Author view was made part of the Administrator view, and no longer appears as a standalone view option. Admins with authoring permissions now select the Administrator view > Courses screen. From here they can build and edit courses and review learner reports.

In addition to the functionality necessary to browse, enroll in, and take courses (which all users have), Dawn provides views for specific functional roles. These include:

  • Administrator view: Users with administrator permissions manage branding, payment information, enrollments, user invitations, and more. The administrator view gives users access to all course, user, and publisher data.
  • Coach view: Coaches can be assigned to courses, so learners can get guidance and feedback on projects. The coach view lists projects and feeds that are assigned to the coach.

You can switch between views using

  • The user menu.
  • The buttons across the toolbar on the My courses screen (which you access by clicking Home).

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