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An overview of Dawn (Admin, Author, and Coach views)

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Dawn enables you to publish high-quality learning content into a market catalog where learners can find it, buy it, and complete it.  

Whether you want to publish a single course or build a marketplace of content, Dawn provides the ecommerce capabilities and brandable solution you need to create a sustainable business that lifelong learners can depend on.

In addition to the functionality necessary to browse, enroll in, and take courses (which all users have), Dawn provides views for specific functional roles. These include:

  • Administrator view: The administrator view gives users access to all course, user, and publisher data.
  • Author view: The author view allows users to create courses in your website and access data for other courses authored on your site.
  • Coach view: The coach view lists projects and feeds that are assigned to the coach.

You can switch between views using

  1. The user menu.
  2. The buttons on the course card (which you access on a course card by clicking Home).

Browse, enroll in, and take courses in Dawn

The Dawn learner experience is simple. It is designed to provide engaging video-centric courses on most major devices, so you can easily start a lesson on your smartphone and finish on your laptop.

The learner UI includes:

  1. Home: This screen lists the courses you're already enrolled in, your progress in those courses, and a list of courses you might be interested in taking.
  2. Feed: Open the Feed to review and participate in conversations you're following. Your Feed opens on the right side of your screen (shown in the screenshot), so you can interact with others from anywhere in the course.
  3. Catalog: Open the Catalog to browse and preview available courses.
  4. Language: Click to choose your preferred language.
  5. User Menu: Open to learn about the publisher, change your settings, and logout.
  6. Courses: Click on any of your courses to start or to jump back in and continue learning.

How do I take a Dawn course?


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