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An overview of Dawn (Admin, Author, and Coach views)

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Dawn enables educators to publish high-quality teacher development content into a market catalog where teachers can find it, buy it, and complete it.  

Whether you want to publish a single course or build a marketplace of content, Dawn provides the ecommerce capabilities and brandable solution you need to create a sustainable business that lifelong learners can depend on.

In addition to the functionality necessary to browse, enroll in, and take courses (which all users have), Dawn provides views for specific functional roles. These include:

  • Administrator view: The administrator view gives users access to all course, user, and publisher data.
  • Author view: The author view allows users to create courses in your website and access data for other courses authored on your site.
  • Coach view: The coach view lists projects and feeds that are assigned to the coach.

You can switch between views using

  1. The user menu.
  2. The buttons on the course card (which you access on a course card by clicking Home).

Browse, enroll in, and take courses in Dawn

The Dawn learner experience is simple. It is designed to provide engaging video-centric courses on most major devices, so you can easily start a lesson on your smartphone and finish on your laptop.

The learner UI includes:

  1. Home: This screen lists the courses you're already enrolled in, your progress in those courses, and a list of courses you might be interested in taking.
  2. Feed: Open the Feed to review and participate in conversations you're following. Your Feed opens on the right side of your screen (shown in the screenshot), so you can interact with others from anywhere in the course.
  3. Catalog: Open the Catalog to browse and preview available courses.
  4. Language: Click to choose your preferred language.
  5. User Menu: Open to learn about the publisher, change your settings, and logout.
  6. Courses: Click on any of your courses to start or to jump back in and continue learning.

How do I take a Dawn course?

Administrator view

Dawn's administrator view provides a lot of useful data about your website. Depending on what administrator permissions you have, you can see up to four screens: Courses, Users, Learners, Publishers, Organizations, and Branding (Root admins only).

Courses screen

The Courses screen lists all the courses in your site and summarizes the follow for each course:

  • How many subscriptions have been Purchased.
  • How many learners have been Certified.
  • How many learners remain Uncertified.
  • How many learners are Inactive (by default, a learner is set to Inactive after two weeks without progress).
  • The Average Progress.
  • The Max Streak, meaning the number of consecutive days any learner has been active in the course.
  • The Average Streak.
  • The Average Percentage Watched.
  • The Average Video Watched (determined by Minutes of video watched / Number of enrolled students).

You can click on any course to access its Enrollments screen which provides the following data for all learners in the course:

  • Percentage earned toward Certification.
  • Points achieved.
  • Hours of Video watched.
  • Last activity date.
  • Longest streak in days.
  • Length of each learner's Last streak in days.
  • Access to each learner's feed which shows their Actions (conversations, submissions, etc.) in the course.

You can click on any learner for a more detailed summary of their progress in the course.

  1. Hourglass means a section is partially-completed.
  2. Circle means a section has not been started.
  3. Check means a section is completed.
  4. Graph arrow indicates what number of points have been earned.
  5. Clock indicates the amount of video watched.
  6. Conversation bubbles show the number of interactions completed.

Users screen

The Users screen lists:

  • Everyone that has been invited to join your website.
  • Each person's Status (Invited, Activated, Inactive).
  • Email addresses.
  • Access to each learner's feed which shows their Actions (conversations, submissions, etc.) in the course.

From this screen, you can:

  1. Invite people join your site.
  2. View user feeds.
  3. Remove users from the site.

To invite users, you need their email and first and last names. Invited users receive an email with the invitation text and link.

Learners screen

The Learners screen lists all users you have the rights to view and shows their learning statistics.

You can click on a user to see more details about their learning progress.

Publishers screen

Publishers are any entity that wants to create content under one name.

They can create course content, manage who can author or coach their courses, and have their own branded publisher page in the course catalog. Publisher Administrators manage the Stripe payment mechanism for their courses.

The Publishers screen lists the Avatar, Company name, and Email of each publisher with authoring permissions on your site. By adding additional publishers to your website, you can offer a broader selection of courses.

On this screen, you can:

  1. Add publishers.
  2. Edit publisher information and brand.
  3. Edit payment information.
  4. Delete publisher.

Select a publisher to:

  1. Make existing users Administrators, Authors, or Coaches for that publisher. Simply click the Add [plus sign] icon and search for the user you want to give the role to.
  2. Remove Administrators, Authors, and Coaches from the publisher.
  3. Review user feeds for Administrators, Authors, and Coaches.

Add publisher

To create a new publisher, provide the publisher's:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Avatar (use dimensions 300x300)
  • Logo (use dimensions 640x200)
  • Banner (use dimensions 848x300)
  • Description (click the help button for formatting instructions, and enable Preview with the toggle).
  • Catalog page short link (add a single word to the provided URL to create a custom URL for this Publisher catalog).

Click Add publisher.

Edit publisher

The Edit screen allows you to make changes to the elements added when you created the publisher.

Edit payment information

Use the Edit payment information screen to Connect with Stripe payment or make changes that sync.

Organizations screen

Organizations are entities, like school districts or businesses, that want to purchase course enrollments in bulk for their members.

Organization Administrators can use purchase orders to create enrollments for their members and track the progress of those enrollments. Site administrators create the purchase orders for organization use when contracts are signed outside of the Dawn system.

On this screen, you can:

  1. Add organizations, providing:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Avatar (300x300)
    • Description
  2. Edit organization information.
  3. Delete organizations.
  4. Click an organization to review and edit Administrators, Enrollments, and Purchase orders.

Administrators screen

On the Administrators screen, you can:

  1. Add Organization Administrators (these must be existing Dawn users).
  2. Review user feeds.
  3. Remove Administrators from the Organization.

Enrollments screen

On the Enrollments screen, you can:

  1. Filter the enrollments by Group.
  2. Review enrollment data.
  3. Review enrollment feeds.
  4. Enroll users in the courses and pay for them with the organization's purchase order.

Purchase orders screen

On the Purchase orders screen, you can set up and manage purchase order amounts. Only root administrators, or site administrators, can add/edit purchase orders. District/organization administrators can view purchase orders to see what funds are available and authorize enrollment purchases.

Branding (Root admins only)

Dawn enables you to build a branded experience for your learners (only Root admins have access to this tab).

With the Branding tab, you can edit your website basic information, including:

  • Title
  • URL Address
  • Application languages (languages your website is available in)
  • Default language
  • Company name
  • Company description
  • Privacy policy
  • Contact information (found under the Branding card)

The Branding card allows you to control the look and feel of your site:

  1. Theme allows you to choose a two-color color scheme that is applied throughout your site.
  2. Favicon allows you to upload graphic files to be used in internet browser tabs. Directions and resources to help you generate your files are included in the dialog.
  3. Icon allows you to upload your desired icon (300 x 300), which is automatically inserted into your site.
  4. Logo lets you upload your logo (640 x 200), which is automatically in your main header an other places in your site.
  5. Banner lets you upload an image (800 x 200) that appears on your About page.
  6. Landing page allows you to download all the components your landing page in a zip file.

Email templates

Dawn includes a variety of templated messages that are automatically sent when certain actions or events take place to help administer the site. These messages can be customized and localized into the language of your choice. `

For example:

When a potential learner is invited to create an account on your site, they receive an invite. By default, this message reads as follows (assuming your app is called "LoremLearning"):

You've been invited to LoremLearning!

The HTML that automates this message looks like this:

You've been invited to {{appName}}!  

Author view

The author view landing page lists:

  • All courses Titles on the site.
  • Course Publisher.
  • Course Author.
  • Last Modified date.

On this screen, you can:

  1. Add new courses.
  2. Edit existing courses.
  3. Preview courses.
  4. Archive courses.
  5. Delete courses.

Coach view

The coach view includes three screens:

  1. Projects to review lists all projects assigned to you along with who submitted them, which course they're from, when they were submitted, and whether you have reviewed them, yet.
  2. Course feeds lists feeds you are a part of including questions students have directed to you. You can post directly here and answer questions.
  3. Reports lets coaches select any of the courses they're coaching for to show how the learners are progressing.

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