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How do I give users coaching permissions and add them to a course?

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To add a coach to your site:

  1. Open the Administration tools > Coaches screen.
  2. Click Add coach.
  1. You can:
    • Choose to give coaching permissions to a user already in your site using the Find existing user field.
    • Click Invite new user to add a user to your site with coaching permissions.
  2. In the Assigned catalog entries, choose the entries you want the user to coach in.
  3. Check Allow coach to be scheduled for sessions and provide the relevant timezone to enable coach scheduling for this coach.
  4. Click Add coach.

Note: You can change which courses an author has access in two ways:

Add a coach to a course

To add an existing coach to a course:

  1. Find the catalog entry in the Administration tools > Catalog tab.
  2. Click Pencil (edit) icon next to the catalog entry.
  1. Select the Coaches screen.
  2. Check the box next to the desired coach(es). If the desired coach doesn't appear, they need to be added to your site as a coach (described above).

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