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Learner Introduction

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The Dawn Learner Experience is simple. It is designed to provide engaging video-centric, mastery-based courses on most major devices, so you can easily start a lesson on your smartphone and finish on your laptop.

Learner Dashboard and UI

The Dawn learner UI includes:

  1. Feed: Open the Feed to review and participate in conversations you're following. Your Feed opens from anywhere in the Dawn.
  2. User Menu: Open to learn about the publisher, change your Account settings, and logout.
  3. My enrollments: You land on this screen when you sign in and when you click Home in the toolbar. It lists the courses you're already enrolled in and your progress in those courses. It also lists your completed courses where you can review certifications.
  4. My coach feed: From here, you can post questions to coaches and review previous interactions you've had with coaches.
  5. Live events: From here, you can review your upcoming events and schedule sessions with coaches.
  6. Catalog: Open the Catalog to browse and preview available courses.

Completing a course

When you enter a Dawn course, you see high-quality video and a video transcript that highlights the relevant text as the course plays.

The best way to familiarize yourself with the Dawn Learning Experience is to jump in and take a course, but here's a quick rundown of your menus and tools:

  1. The Table of Contents is collapsed by default. You can open the TOC at any time to:
  2. Dawn gives you a quick tour the first time you use it, and you can always revisit that tour by clicking the Help button.
  3. Click Ask a coach to get help from expert coaches (where enabled).
  4. Your Feed is available from everywhere in the app. Collaboration, social engagement, and group knowledge building is a key component of the Dawn Learning Experience.
  5. Arrows along the the video progress bar indicate interactions. When the video reaches them, it pauses, so you can answer a question, make a comment, review supplemental material, and/or interact with peers, cohorts, and coaches.
  1. After you complete an interaction, click Continue to move forward.

Ask a coach and schedule sessions

If enabled, learners have a screen dedicated to managing all of their Coaching needs! At the top of the Table of contents right under the Performance information, learners can click Coaching to:

  • Open their Coaching feed where they can post a question for experts and review the answers.

Group screen

The Group screen shows all group activity and upcoming live events.  Open it by clicking Group in the table of contents or clicking the Group icon in the toolbar.

You can filter a course to show activity from a specific group only with the group filter in the toolbar, or the filters on the Group screen.

When you have a group selected, the Members tab appears, so you can see who else is a part of your different Groups. This give you opportunities to connect with other members of your learning community.

If anyone in the catalog entry's selected group has submitted a Project to the Gallery, a Gallery tab appears where those projects can be reviewed.

Accessing Newsletters

You may receive Newsletters periodically as part of your enrollment. These come as emails and remain in the Newsletter screen. Be sure to check out these communications, as they're a great way to stay connected.

Completing projects

Some courses will ask you to complete a project as part of showing that you mastered a subject. To complete a project:

  1. Read the project's:
    • Instructions to make sure you understand what is expected
    • Review criteria to make sure you understand how success will be evaluated.
  2. Click Continue.
  1. Upload the project file and add any additional Comments to provide context.
  2. Self-report your Effort as the time you spent on the project.
  3. Indicate if you want to share your project to the Gallery for peers to see and review.
  4. Submit and Continue to see projects your peers have submitted to the Gallery.

Reviewing progress

Dawn uses mastery-based learning as a core part of the user experience! 

Your progress is tracked in two ways:

  1. Mastery awards that you learn on completing key interactions and instructional items in a course.
  2. Effort, which measures actual time spent (watching videos and completing interactions) plus self-reported time spent completing projects against the amount of time authors anticipate learners need to spend to obtain mastery. 

Mastery and Effort (Time spent in minutes) are tracked to reward and reinforce learning. You can see your overall progress for each course on your Learner Dashboard.  

In each course's Table of Contents, you can see your Mastery and Effort (Time spent) progress for each Lesson section in addition to your overall progress fo the course.


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