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How do I create a course in Dawn?

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To create a new course with Dawn:

  1. Open the Administration > Catalog screen.
  2. Click Create course.
  3. Provide:
  4. Click Create.

Dawn's course editor

Along the left side of Dawn's authoring tool is the menu of components that can be edited. The right panel displays cards where authors can edit and add content to build the course.

The left menu is made up of two main menus:

  1. The Settings menu is on top, and includes:
  2. The Table of contents is below, and you use it to build instructional content.

Settings menu

Use the Settings menu to manage your course's metadata, look-and-feel, coaches, authors, etc.


In Settings:

  1. Title your course.
  2. Select a Cover poster that represents your course in the Catalog and elsewhere.
  3. Check the This is a template box to allow this course to be copied and used as a starting point when creating new courses.
  4. Add/remove Authors.

Upload the Cover poster files using Resource library.


In Catalog:

  1. You can review and copy the link to your course in the Catalog page. You can share this link with users, so they can learn about it and enroll.
  2. If Publishers are enabled in your site, the Publisher is listed and can be changed.
  3. Choose Payment option (One time fee or Monthly subscription).
  4. Enter pricing details (Price, Full price, and Promotional message).
  5. Select the Cover video learners will see in on the course preview screen.
  6. Provide your course Description. Depending on the template you use, there may already be content here.

Upload the Cover video files using Course resources.


In Coaches:

  1. Add and remove course Coaches by checking/unchecking boxes next to them (give users coach permissions with the administrator view).
  2. Check the Always show coaching page on launch if you want your learners to automatically be taken to their coaching screen when they log in. Otherwise, learners are taken to the last lesson or activity they visited.
  3. Enable 1-to-1 and 1-to-many coach scheduling.


On Mastery:

  1. Indicate the percentage of Mastery award points learners need to earn for course completion.
    • Course completion progress is shown to learners as a percentage with 100% indicating full completion. If you choose 85% as the required number of Mastery award points need to complete the course, learners will see 100% course completion once they've earned 85% of the possible Mastery award.
  2. Uncheck the Issue a certificate at course completion box if you don't want to issue certificates. If you do want to issue a certificate:
    1. Provide a Certificate image (8.5 x 11) that is used as the background. Dawn's template course provides a default image for this.
    2. Click Help to learn how to use dynamic variables to complete the Dynamic fields.
    3. Click each of the options in the Dynamic fields section (Name, Course, Day, and Year) to customize the content, placement (xy axis), size, and style of this text.
    4. Click the plus sign to add dynamic fields.
    5. You can see a preview generated below.

Upload the Certificate image files using Resource library.

Resource library

In the Resource library panel you can review all resource files attached to the course and:

  1. Upload new files. When uploading videos, you are prompted to choose the transcript language.
  2. Search the Resource library.
  3. Sort the results using Name, Size, or last Modified date.
  4. Delete existing files.
  5. Review the amount of storage your course uses.

Learning materials

In Materials panel, you can add materials as Attachments or Websites to each. To add Learning materials, click Add attachment or Add website, at the bottom of the screen.  

Then choose the Instruction you want to attach it to.


In Sections, you can move, delete, and add sections to the course.

Course menu

Use the Course menu to build your course content.

Add Instructional content to Sections

For every section you add to the course, a selectable Sections entry appears here in the side panel.

Click them to:

  1. Edit the Section title.
  2. Edit, move, or delete existing Instruction (Videos, Interactions, or Projects).
  3. Add Instruction (Videos, Interactions, Projects, Surveys, YouTube videos, or TinCan/xAPI package).
Add Videos

When adding Video instruction in Dawn:

  1. Edit the Title and Mastery award fields.
  2. Select the video you want to use in the Video dropdown (upload videos first using Course files).
  3. Edit the pre-generated transcript or build and time your own.
    • You can type and time subtitles using the Add new subtitle and press Enter field. Click the Help button to review keyboard shortcuts.
    • Review the generated transcript, and click on it to edit and fix errors.
    • Click Choose resource to upload a transcript file (usually a .vtt file) created elsewhere (upload it using Course files).
    • Click the globe icon to translate the transcript.
    • Click Add interaction to create and place a marker where you want the video to pause and ask a question. Click the timestamp to edit.
Add Interactions

When creating an Interaction in Dawn:

  1. Click Add instruction, open the Interaction menu, and choose the type:
    • Multiple Choice questions
    • Discussions with peers and Coaches (where enabled)
    • Notes on the instruction
    • Multiple interactions (to include more than one type in an instruction)
  1. Provide a Title for the interaction.
  2. Provide the Expected duration for the Interaction to inform Effort data.
  3. Provide the content for the interaction.
Add Projects

When creating a Project in Dawn:

  1. Provide a Title.
  2. Enter the Master award and Expected duration values.
  3. For courses with coaches, indicate whether you want to Require coach review to receive master award.
  4. Provide Project instructions. Click Help to learn how to create styles. Use the Preview toggle to see how your description will appear to learners.
  5. Scroll to the Review criteria card and create criteria to guide project creation and reviews.

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