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How do I create a course?

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When creating a course, you are asked to provide:

The left side of Dawn Academy's authoring tool is a menu of components that can be edited. The right panel displays cards where authors can edit and add content to build the course.

The components on the left include:

  1. Course details panel
  2. Course Sections overview panel
  3. Sections and instructional content panel
  4. Materials panel
  5. Course resources panel

Course panel

To make edits to the Course details, select it on the left and scroll through the cards that appear on the right.

On the Info card:

  1. Title your course.
  2. Provide your course Description. Depending on the template you use, there may already be content here. Click Help to learn how to create styles. Use the Preview toggle to see how your description will appear to learners.
  3. Make the course a template, which allows you to use a copy of it as a starting point when creating new courses.

On the Cover card, design a course preview for learners by:

  1. Selecting the Cover poster learners will see in the course Catalog.
  2. Selecting the Cover video learners will see in on the course preview screen.

Upload the Cover poster and Cover video files using Course resources.

On the Author card you can change the Publisher and add or change the course Authors and Coaches. In order for users to appear as author or coach options, administrators must give them access on the Publisher screen.

On the Catalog card, enter:

  1. The Price, which is the actual price the purchaser pays for the course.
  2. The Full price, which is the full price that is shown when the course is using a sale price.
  3. A Promotional message, which shows when the course is using a sale price. If an alternative sales tool needs to be set up for your course, you can use this line to direct customers to that tool (e.g., Contact to purchase this course for your entire school district.).

This price does not cover the minimum cost of application and processing fees ($5.44). If you do not raise the price, the will display this course as Free and invoice the publisher for fees.

Add Supplemental material for the course as Attachments or Websites.

Learners can earn a certificate for completing you course.

On the Certificate card:

  1. Provide a Certificate image (8.5 x 11) that is used as the background. Dawn Academy's template course provides a default image for this.
  2. Click Help to learn how to use dynamic variables to complete the Dynamic fields.
  3. Click each of the options in the Dynamic fields section (Name, Course, Day, and Year) to customize the content, placement (xy axis), size, and style of this text.
  4. Click the plus sign to add dynamic fields.
  5. You can see a preview generated below.

Sections overview panel

On the Sections card, you can move, delete, and add sections to the course.


Sections and instructional content panels

For every section you add to the course, a selectable Sections entry appears here.

Click them to:

  1. Edit the Section title.
  2. Edit, move, or delete existing Instruction (Videos, Interactions, or Projects).
  3. Add Instruction (Videos, Interactions, Projects, or TinCan/xAPI package).

When creating Video instruction in Dawn Academy:

  1. Edit the Title and Points per minute fields.
  2. Select the desired video (upload it using Course resources).
  3. In Transcript:
    • You can type and time subtitles using the Add new subtitle and press Enter field. Click the Help button to review keyboard shortcuts.
    • Click Generate transcript to automatically create a transcript from the uploaded video. If you use this option, review the generated transcript, so you can fix errors.
    • Click Choose resource to upload a transcript file (usually a .vtt file) created elsewhere (upload it using Course resources).
    • Click the globe icon to translate the transcript.
    • Click Add interaction to create and place a marker where you want the video to pause and ask a question. Click the timestamp to edit.

When creating an interaction instruction in Dawn Academy:

  1. Provide a Title for the interaction.
  2. Click Add interaction and choose the type (Choice, Discussion, or Note).

When creating a Project in Dawn Academy:

  1. Provide a Title.
  2. Indicate the number of Points it's worth.
  3. Provide Project instructions. Click Help to learn how to create styles. Use the Preview toggle to see how your description will appear to learners.

Materials panel

In the Materials panel, each section and instruction appears as a card. You can add materials as Attachments or Web sites to each.

Course resources panel

Within the Course resources panel you can review all resource files attached to the course and:

  1. Upload new resource files.
  2. Download existing resource files.
  3. Delete existing resource files.


We have built a course in Dawn to help you get started building your own courses. It's called Dawn Authoring, and not only will it show you how to build a course, it will give you a chance to experience Dawn as a learner and interact with other Dawn users.

  • If you have already created your own Dawn Learning Experience website, the course appears on your Home screen.
  • If you have not created your own Dawn Learning Experience website, visit our demo site, LoremLearning, to enroll in the course.

Have a question or feedback? Let us know over in Discussions!