How do I enable the SpeechStream toolbar?

Ryan Richins
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The SpeechStream toolbar, from Texthelp, supports accessibility in a variety of ways. You set up your account with Texthelp, and Buzz makes it easy to integrate it.

Enable SpeechStream

To enable SpeechStream:

  1. Scroll to the SpeechStream card in Domain Settings.
  2. Enter your SpeechStream URL in the designated field. You get this URL when you set up your SpeechStream account with Texthelp.
  3. Save. This setting is applied to all courses and subdomains.

Use the SpeechStream toolbar

With SpeechStream enabled, the Activities toolbar displays a Text to speech button for Assignments and Rich-text activity types.

Pressing the button (which looks like an ear) hides and shows the SpeechStream toolbar that reads the assignment text aloud using the play button.

Depending on your configuration with Texthelp, your SpeechStream toolbar can offer additional tools (learn more).

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John G Theis

Thanks for the information Ryan,

Can we utilize speachstream in Buzz assessments?  This has been a huge sticky point for many of our clients as students need it while taking assessments.


John Theis


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Brad Marshall
  • Agilix team member

Hey John, you cannot currently use SpeechStream with assessments. One of the reasons why is because the functionality could be used to determine the correct answers in completing an assessment (e.g., dictionary, translation). 

What is the functionality that you are interested in having in an assessment that SpeechStream can help address? 

As an FYI, we added some functionality to assessments that allows a student to eliminate choices, add notes to questions, highlight snippets, etc., to help the students take an assessment more effectively.

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John G Theis

Thanks for the follow-up Brad.

The functionality needed for our clients, (which I'd be stunned if we are the only ones asking for this?), is to simply have the embedded speachstream app read the questions and offer the distractors; without providing audio of the actual answer. 

It is my guess that since SpeachStream is able to "read" alternative text within a web page, it is probably "reading" the answers to those questions as well....similar to alternative text.

That said, Peter stated that we can collectively reach out to him to determine if there is anything he could do to solve this issue.

Please let me know if/when you are open to jump on a call with him to collaborative on potential solutions.



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