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Release Notes (2018-07-05; v2.0.161 & v3.0.60)

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A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in versions v2.0.161 and v3.0.60, available on July 5, 2018.

The new Buzz UI will be released next week!

As previously announced, we are excited to be releasing the new Buzz UI to all Buzz users on July 12, 2018.

The new Buzz UI provides:

  • A more intuitive user experience built with Google's Material Design.
  • Even more opportunities to customize the tool based on your users' needs and tech literacy.
  • Opportunities to introduce new powerful features as you train your users and their skills and interests develop.

We believe the teachers, students, parents, and admins in your schools are going to love the updates, so be sure to spread the word so they're prepared for the change.

Learn more about what this change means for you.

New Buzz UI

During the summer of 2017, we released a new Buzz UI, giving you the same features and functionality with a cleaner, simpler user experience!

The release notes in this section pertain only to those using the new Buzz UI.

New Buzz UI fixed issues

In this release, we:

  • Fixed an issue where navigating to a master course that you do not have rights to edit caused an error message box that you could not dismiss.
  • Fixed a sorting issue on the For Me page's Score column. .


Updates in version 2018.07.05.3170. Learn more.

  • RunReport:
    • Fixed an issue when running a report that has a time parameter.
    • Reports now use an EM-DASH (instead of an EN-DASH) to display hierarchy within a CSV report. This fixes an issue encountered in Microsoft Excel where the EN-DASH could have been interpreted as a minus formula.
  • Single Sign-On: Fixed an issue where SAML logout would fail if no RelayState was provided.
  • GetDomainSettings:
    • A new attribute, remove-item, to remove any matching item in from ancestor domains.
    • A new attribute, lock-item, to lock a parent setting so that child domains cannot change it.

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