How do I create a Google Document Dropbox Template?

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In order to create to take advantage of the features described in this article, your domain needs to be integrated with G Suite: How do I integrate Google Workspace to enable Google Drive collaboration?

Buzz allows you to create activity templates that students can copy, complete, and submit as a dropbox activity.

To set this up, you first have to create the activity template as a Google Drive document (you can use any kind, but Docs and Slides are probably most common).

Then open Buzz's Editor:

  1. Click + To button where you want to add the activity.
  2. Select Assignment.
  3. In the Settings tab > Gradebook and submission card, select Document template from the Submission type dropdown.
  4. Click Choose template. This opens your Google Drive window and you can select the document you want used as a template.
  1. Once selected, you can Preview, Copy, or Remove the template.
  2. Add content and configure your activity.

When students open the activity, they can select View template to preview the activity, or click Create attachment from template to open the activity, edit it, and attach their version to their submission. When submitted, a PDF snapshot is created and saved in the student activity history.

Note: Buzz enforces a filesize upload limit of 100MB.


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