How do I manage notifications?

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You can set up Buzz to notify you when certain actions and changes occur.

As an observer of a student, you can choose to receive the following notifications:

  • A student submits something (This is only available as part of a digest that summarizes all of the notifications you've selected.)
  • A student's grade drops below passing
  • A student receives a score or feedback
  • A student receives a badge
  • A student's enrollment status changes


To manage notifications:

  1. Open the User Menu from the top-right corner of the toolbar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Notifications preferences provide your Email, Mobile number, and Carrier if you want to receive emails and SMS notifications.
  1. In the Observer notifications card, indicate which notifications you want to receive, how you want to receive them, and how frequently:
    • The notifications that allow you to choose SMS and/or Email will immediately send a message by the selected method(s) each time a change is made.
      • Note: These options do not appear for notifications that are better suited for the Daily and/or Weekly digest email due to content and length of messages.
    • The Daily and/or Weekly options send a summarized digest at the selected interval(s).
  2. Save.

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