How do I attach feedback to students' activities?

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Buzz allows you to easily attach feedback when grading and returning activities with the Activity Grader, Grade Editor, and Needs grading screens.

Simply enter your feedback in the field labeled Feedback (Visible to Student) in the right panel. You can:

  1. Collapse and expand the field by clicking the header.
  2. Choose font styles.
  3. Add links.
  4. Choose font and highlight colors.
  5. Draw and insert images.
  6. Insert YouTube videos and create audio or video feedback.
  7. Insert equations.
  8. Insert tables.
  9. Expand the field for fullscreen use.
  10. Use replacement variables.
  11. Create and edit templated feedback for reuse with other students/activities.
  12. Create a Private Note using for yourself that the student won't see.

A Returned Attachments field appears between the Feedback and Private Note fields if the activity allows student dropbox submissions (available for Assignment and Custom activity types). You can download/open the student attachments, provide feedback in the file, and use this field to attach and return that feedback.

Provide visual feedback on image file submissions

If a submissions includes an image file, and you want to provide visual feedback on the image:

  1. Drag the image to the Feedback box, or download it and add it using the insert images tool.  
  2. Add comments and drawings using the image editor.

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