How do I use the Course manager tool (for Master courses)?

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The Course manager tool is designed for Master courses. You can access it from:

  1. A Master Course Card.
  2. The Main Menu with the course selected.

The Course manager has three sections:

Course enrollments

Course enrollments. Review and manage course enrollments. Enrollments should be limited to Teachers and other content authors.

To drop enrollments, check the box next to the enrollment and click Drop.

To create enrollments:

  1. Click Add.
  1. Select the desired Role from the dropdown.
  2. Use the Find user field to search by names, username, email, or ID.
  3. Once you've found the desired user, click Enroll.

Course tools

Use the Course tools (Activities and Editor) to create, review, and manage settings, content, and activities for the Master course and its Derivative courses.

Section tools

Although enrollments in Master courses should be limited to teachers and other course authors, there are times that a course with student enrollments may be turned into a Master course. In these cases, you can use the Section tools (Gradebook, Reports, and People) to access that data.


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