How do I manage data limits in Buzz?

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Activity limits

A course and My Library in Buzz can display only up to 5,000 activities (including folders). At 80% of this limit and beyond, an activity count appears to alert the course author that they're approaching the limit.

How to manage activity limits

If you are approaching or have surpassed your limit, you can:

Upload limits

This table outlines your upload limits by content type.

Content type Upload Limit Details
Import SCORM, course, or Common Cartridge 1.5 GB Per upload.
Course resource 400 MB Per upload.
Announcement 100 MB Per upload.
Blog 100 MB Per upload.
Student submission 100 MB Per upload.
Teacher response 100 MB Per upload.
Peer response 100 MB Per upload.
Wiki page 100 MB Per upload.

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