How to I align objectives with assessment questions?

Ryan Richins
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Assessments are gradable activities that use questions you create and/or link from question banks. Each question can be aligned with specific objectives in the course, and student performance on objectives can be used to make formative or remediation assessments.

To align questions with objectives, the objectives must be available in the course: How do I create and/or import objectives?

To align assessment questions with objectives:

  1. Open the Editor from the Main Menu.
  2. Select the desired assessment and click the pencil (edit) icon.
  3. Select the desired question from the list on the left, scroll to the Objective mastery card, and click Choose objective.
  1. Check the box(es) next to the objective(s) you want to align to the question.
  2. Click Done.
  3. Save.
Align objectives to activities and assessment questions

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Chad Kafka (FPS)

I have created an assessment in a course that allows teachers/others to add it to THEIR course using the "Library" feature.  The original has had objectives tied to each question so we can get a good sense of how students are hitting certain objectives/standards.  When another teacher pulls this into their course to use, is there a way to do this with the objectives that were already set up?  

I tested pulling this assessment into a course and there are no objectives associated.  I'm wondering how best to have teachers pull this in so they don't need to tie each question to the objective again.  Thanks for any help!

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Bruce Sharp

When your teachers are in the library are they clicking copy or link?

I know with images, they are stored locally in the course in which they were created. When a question is copied the images do not come with it. If I link to the original instead, my course is "looking" in the other course for the question (where the image is) so the image is displayed normally in the question. I wonder if objectives have a similar behavior.

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Chad Kafka (FPS)

I tried both LINK and COPY and neither appeared to bring the objectives over.  Although you solved another problem for me. :) I used some images in my QUESTIONS that were passages and I was getting duplicate passages in my copy.  I have to tinker with that but what you said about it tying back to the source makes sense.  

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Bruce Sharp

Actually, the duplicate images for passages are a known bug. We submitted a ticket and I assume Agilix is working on that one. We have several practice (homework) activities with images as passages. The image shows up with the questions as it should, but then the image also shows up by itself with no questions. We told our students that when they see that, they just need to click the submit button at the bottom and move on to the next question. It doesn't affect the points or their score. If they don't click submit, though, the server thinks the assignment is incomplete and it won't give them a score.

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Gideon Seaman

We are in the process of attaching two standard sets to an assessment. How is the reporting treated when two standards are aligned to one question--does it split value or does it count fully towards both objectives?

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Brian Williams
  • Agilix team member

Hello Gideon!

If two objectives are aligned to a question within an assessment and a student gets the question correct, the two objectives count as mastered. If the student gets the question wrong, the system will display that the student has not mastered those objectives. It counts fully for both objectives. 

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