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Release Notes (2016-11-03; v2.0.76)

Ryan Richins
  • Agilix team member

A round-up of all improvements and changes to the Buzz platform in version 2.0.76, available on November 3, 2016.


As part of this release, we:

  • Added in-app help text instructing users how to use variables.
  • Updated Editor > Syllabus to return users to the last activity they were viewing after navigating away from and back to the Syllabus.
  • Made many updates to the Teacher and Admin apps to improve accessibility for users with a visual impairment. While many of the updates were under-the-hood, users may notice improved keyboard navigation throughout multiple tools and slight style changes to selected and focussed buttons and menu options.

Fixed issues

As part of this release, we:

  • Fixed an issue that kept custom folder templates from being displayed in the Syllabus without refresh.
  • [IE 11] Fixed an issue that caused the browser to crash when moving resource files to a folder that was currently selected in the Resources panel.
  • [Firefox] Fixed an issue that caused some alignment issues in Domain Settings > Landing Content.
  • Revised the "aligned with objectives" count to never include choice activities.
  • Fixed an issue that caused short answer input boxes to remain in a question when the question was changed from short answer to multiple choice.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused correct and incorrect indicators to be incorrectly displayed for ordering questions.
  • Revised the way completion triggers are handled, so that a teacher's entering a grade no longer overrides the established triggers.
  • Revised the Mastery Performance page to correctly display data for objective maps.
  • Added a notification that let's users know when they've tried to enter an invalid domain.
  • Updated the way bookmark images are handled, so that they can be displayed when the filename includes spaces.
  • Updated Add Enrollments dialog to display only five pages in the navigation bar at a time.
  • Revised labeling in the Peer Assessment from "Feedback submitted by me" to "My feedback to others" because the former could be read to meant that a student had submitted feedback already when they haven't.
  • Revised group project settings on Peer Assessments to eliminate the conflicting conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where a student could not review essay rubrics in an assessment.


Updates in version 2016.11.2.2058. Learn more.
  • PutTeacherResponse and PutTeacherResponses: These commands are now more conistent. If a Completed GradeStatus is not included in the teacher response, then the API evaluates the CompletionTrigger for completion. If a Completed GradeStatus is included, the API honors it regardless of the CompletionTrigger.

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