Getting Started in Buzz (Take this first)

How do I self-enroll?

  1. Copy this code: h9uan40c
  2. Go to your domain and paste the code in your Profile settings. (Need help? Follow the remaining steps)
  3. Click here to go to the self-enroll help page.

Overview of Course

Click here to view the syllabus.

The Getting Started Course is the first course we suggest you take as it will set you up for success. You will learning how to navigate Buzz and help you understand how to take the PD courses.


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    Carla Diede

    I tried enrolling using the code h9uan40c but it says the code could not be validated.  Is there a different code I could use to enroll?

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    Kathy Kinsey

    This is SOOOO STUPID!! How we supposed to help our kids keep up on their grades and homework if we can't even get on here???  DUMBEST IDEA EVER!!  Not everyone can afford a MacBook to use at home. 5 weeks into school and problem STILL not solved....STUPID