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How do I self-enroll?

If you choose to self-enroll into our Buzz PD courses or lesson pacing will start from the time you enroll.


*View the image for hints. Each number match the associated step listed below.

  1. Log into Buzz using with your assigned credentials
  2. Click on your profile in the upper right corner of your dashboard.
  3. Enter the associated registration code the courses below. This will enroll you as a student.   
Click here to view codes.
  4. Once you log in, click on the Student app in your profile to start your courses.

Overview of courses

Format and Procedures:

The course is structured to fit into your life; you can choose time, place and content you want to learn. The pacing expectation will most likely be set by the dates you start the course.

Course Requirements:  each individual is expected to complete the course with respect to their own skill set, so the platform can be utilized to its full potential, ensure that when a participate has completed the course they have the utmost knowledge on how to use, implement and carry on using the platform with their students. Activities are based on a number of platform templates. Instruction around how they work, how to use and how to complete items will be given in the course. Here are a few of the items that you might see in the course or lesson:

  • Self-Assessment 

  • Self-Reported Completion 

  • Assignment
  • Pre-assessments

  • Post-assessment

Course Completion Integrity: You should give assistance and have collegial conversations about how to utilize tools and what is best practice related to your particular use case and organization. However, each person enrolled in the course should do their best to complete the course on their own, while using reflection and documentation to guide conversations with colleagues.

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Marc Collins

I followed the steps, and it said it worked, but when I arrived on my Student App landing page, I was enrolled in no courses.

Deb Girdley

I enrolled for another course which instructed me to take the Getting Started in Buzz first. I've enrolled that course about 3 times. It keeps indicating the code is valid, I'm enrolled, and I should switch to student view to continue but the course isn't there.

Joy Sama

Are students able to self-enroll in courses?

Sabrina Albretsen

Are you sure this works?

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